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Multidimensional Guidance Sessions

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Astrological Life-Coaching

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Distance Reiki


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Coaching for Reiki Practitioners/Energy Workers

Wooten G. 
Reiki Client

I felt fully restored afterwards and the feeling lasted for days - you can actually feel the energy moving around in you. Since the treatment, I've been able to observe and feel my emotions without them taking control over my whole day! 

Alison S.
Reiki Client 

My Reiki sessions have been  relaxing; and, I’ve experienced improvement in my ankle and sinuses. Crystal has a nurturing personality and does a great job of explaining the process. If you’ve ever wanted to try Reiki but been intimidated, this is a great place to try it out! 

Sarah K. 
Reiki Client 

My reiki treatment was amazing. I felt so energized, full of happiness and love after my session! Even after a couple of weeks, I still feel energized and have bounced back from some stressful situations a bit faster than I normally would have!

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