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Waking Spirit is a place to explore resources and services designed to support journeys towards spiritual wellness.

Why Waking Spirit?

Waking Spirit references a process that a growing number of folks are experiencing, embracing, and choosing to engage with as a transformative journey. 


Throughout millennia of recorded history, this fundamental, human process has been spoken of, experienced, explored, and encouraged by individuals from countless cultures, spanning diverse places on a range of social and economic spectrums.


The process itself is not a new idea or belief exclusive to our present time


What is new and seemingly exclusive to our current place in human history is the growing momentum of an emerging zeitgeist centered around the perennial proverb to "Know Thy Self."


At the heart of this zeitgeist, or collective spirit reflected in popular ideas and beliefs shared by an increasing number of individuals, is an awakening to the importance of our individual and collective Spiritual Wellness.

What is Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness includes a person's:

  • Relationship with our self and Self (identities, narratives we tell to and about our self, internal human self/internal spiritual Self)


  • Worldview (ways we understand reality/see our self, humanity, and the planet that sustains our existence, how and what we understand about reality)



  • Beliefs about God/Something bigger than our individual self


  • Ethics (how we define what is “right” and what is “wrong,” the actions taken, or choices made based on what we believe is “right” and “wrong”)


  • Core Values (the principles, ideas and ideals we each value the most, the basic drive or reason at the root of choices, major and minor, we make throughout our daily life)

Why does Spiritual Wellness Matter?


These internal parts of who we are as human beings serve as the direct foundation for six of the nine aspects of whole person “well-being” identified by the CDC [“How Well-Being Is Defined,”].

Decades of extensive, multi-disciplinary research has shown that our emotional and psychological well-being, sense of overall life and domain specific satisfaction, as well as how we engage in and with activities, vocations, and social connections is deeply intertwined with individual spiritual wellness.

Welcome to Waking Spirit

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