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Multidimensional Guidance

The purpose of therapeutic energy work, like Reiki and Quantum Biofield sessions, is for the practitioner to clear, align, attune, and/or transfer healing intent into a client's biofield. 

Multidimensional Guidance (MDG) sessions offered through Waking Spirit do not focus on a client's biofield and are not a form of biofield therapy.  


Like Distance Reiki and Quantum Biofield sessions, MDG sessions are a specific type of distal (distance) therapeutic energy work.  However, the session goal, approach, and intuitive information conveyed to a client in MDG sessions varies significantly from Reiki and Quantum Biofield services. 

MDG Session Goal or Intention


MDG sessions provide clients with an opportunity to request guidance from their Higher Self for a specific area/s or aspect of their life or question/s they want to see from a broader, spiritual perspective. The practitioner facilitating the session serves as an intermediary, a reporter, and/or channel between the client and their own Higher Self/Divine Spark. 

Approach to MDG Sessions


First, keep in mind that different energetic-work practitioners have different levels of training, certifications, education, intuitive gifts and specialties, and provide a vast variety of sessions and services. What one practitioner does and intuits during a session, or communicates to the client, may be vastly different than the services or experiences another practitioner offers. Second, please remember that the descriptions of and distinctions between the different types of services offered through Waking Spirit reflect my own academic, professional, and personal training, practical experiences, and approach. If you are curious about my professional approach, practical experience, or educational background, visit the About Me page here. 


My approach to both distance biofield and MDG sessions always begins by going into a meditative state, releasing my ego-self, and merging with my Higher Self. I move through a certain meditative practice that essentially places my conscious self in the passenger seat and lets my Higher Self drive for a while. At this point, my Higher Self connects with a client's Higher Self. Once contact is made, the session typically follows one of two basic paths.


As a majority, my Higher Self/conscious self combo plays a far more active role in guiding the energy-work done through a distance biofield session. A client's Higher Self frequently reveals blockages or residue to clear and/or other aspects of the biofield that need attention. The client's Higher Self often shows me an area or issue that needs attention or is ready to release something and/or heal a wound. But then my Higher Self/conscious self goes to work, actively directing the energetic biofield treatment. 


MDG sessions take a different path. As the practitioner, my Higher Self/conscious self takes a far more passive role during a session. Instead, it is the client's Higher Self that actively directs the energetic process. My Higher Self assists when needed; but the goal is to gather as much guidance, insight, advice, and encouragement as possible about your request from your Higher Self. Nine years of facilitating MDG sessions has reinforced, time and time again, that this specific type of energetic work is far more effective and beneficial for both clients and practitioners when the client's Higher Self is in the driver's seat! 

Intuitive Information from a MDG Session

The primary purpose of biofield sessions is facilitating healing intent work within the biofield. Any intuitive information I receive and communicate to a client afterwards is an added bonus. MDG sessions flip that approach. The primary purpose of a Multidimensional Guidance session is the intuitive information received in response to your request for guidance, clarification, and/or spiritual development. Any energetic-healing work that impacts your biofield and/or chakra systems is now the additional bonus surprise.

Because the goal of a MDG session is to gather intuitive information for you, the client, the type of information delivered in each session is both unique and (arche-)typical. The information is unique as it comes from your Higher Self to your unique embodiment of the Divine. It specifically addresses your request. At the same time, many MDG session requests typically involve some type transitional and/or personal healing, restoration, or growth experience and fall into a category, or aspect of human life. 

Clients book MDG sessions to assist with things like: 

  • Finding a new job or shifting to a new career path

  • Clearing/transmuting/releasing thought and/or behavior patterns that no longer serve them from a spiritual growth perspective

  • Releasing relationships and relationship patterns that no longer serve their highest good or chosen life path

  • Attracting new, healthy relationships and connections into their life

  • Freeing their self from generational/ancestral patterns through spiritual healing and restorative practices

  • Clearing energetic cords, connections, and/or residue remaining from traumatic relationships and/or experiences

  • Releasing and healing karmic and/or past life wounds they may not be consciously aware exist

  • Connecting with their spiritual "support team" on the other side of the physical veil

  • Clearing and protecting the energy in and around their home, work environment, or specific physical location


These are some of the most common requests for MDG sessions that I receive. However, they are NOT an exclusive list of the types of requests for information and/or guidance that can be addressed in or facilitated by a MDG session! 

A Final Note

Multidimensional Guidance sessions absolutely land on the more "woo woo" side of energetic modalities and services offered by Waking Spirit. ​Many clients feel far more comfortable with and/or attracted to sessions focusing on biofield clearing, healing, and restoration. If that is how you feel after reading about MDG sessions, visit the service descriptions for Quantum Biofield and Distance Reiki sessions to see if they are a better fit for your needs at this time.  But, if you are ready to book a MDG session, click on the button below! 

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