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Reiki for Christians - Part 2

In Reiki for Christians Part I, we acknowledged that Reiki Principles are similar to teachings that the Synoptic Gospels attribute to Jesus. Now, let’s look at another way that the practice of Reiki actually complements Christian belief systems. While transmitting Reiki energy, practitioners use a method of light touch and close interaction with a person’s energy field to transfer Reiki energy to the client. What is fascinating is that the majority of the healing stories found in the Synoptic Gospels state that Jesus used touch and close interactions with an individual’s energy fields to transfer healing energy to their physical bodies.

Here are a few examples:

• Simon’s Mother-in-law: Matt. 8:15 “He [Jesus] touched her hand…”; Mark 1:31 “He [Jesus] came and took her by the hand…”

• Cleansing of those with leprosy: Mark 1:41 “Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him…”

• Girls restored to life: Matt. 9:18 “but come and lay your [Jesus’s] hand on her…”; Mark 5:23 “Come and lay your [Jesus’s] hands on her…”; Mark 5:41 “He took her by the hand…”

• Healing the blind: Matt. 9:29 “then he [Jesus] touched their eyes…”; Matt 20:34 “Jesus touched their eyes…”; Mark 8:23 “and put his [Jesus’s] hands on him [blind man]”

• Healing in cities: Mark 6:5 “he [Jesus] laid his hands on a few sick people…”; Luke 4:40 “and he [Jesus] laid his hands on each of them”

We are not suggesting that anyone in our group is as spiritually advanced as the Jesus portrayed in the Synoptic Gospels. We are not claiming that we can lay hands on anyone to raise them from the dead or heal things like blindness or leprosy. Instead, our goal is to provide evidence from early Christian writings that the practice of Reiki complements aspects of early Christian movements.

If we dig a bit deeper into understanding the role healing played in Jesus’s healing ministry, we find evidence that these acts of healing often caused community and regional leaders to become angry. Why would community and religious leaders be angry at an individual for helping the sick and disabled? Some present-day Christian leaders suggest that Jesus wielded divine power and authority which made the religious and community leaders in his area of the world very angry. Basically, they teach that social leaders targeted Jesus for a singular reason – he challenged their authority and teachings. However, there are other fascinating aspects of this story that are rarely discussed in Western Evangelical Christian Churches. You can continue reading about this subject here: Reiki for Christians – Part III

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