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Multidimensional Guidance - 2 Requests

  • 1 h
  • 77 US dollars
  • Distance Session

Service Description

MDG sessions provide clients with an opportunity to request guidance from their Higher Self for a specific area/s or aspect of their life or question/s they want to see from a broader, spiritual perspective. The practitioner facilitating the session serves as an intermediary, a reporter, and/or channel between the client and their own Higher Self/Divine Spark. Clients book MDG sessions to assist with things like: Finding a new job or shifting to a new career path Clearing/transmuting/releasing thought and/or behavior patterns that no longer serve them from a spiritual growth perspective Releasing relationships and relationship patterns that no longer serve their highest good or chosen life path Attracting new, healthy relationships and connections into their life Freeing their self from generational/ancestral patterns through spiritual healing and restorative practices Clearing energetic cords, connections, and/or residue remaining from traumatic relationships and/or experiences Releasing and healing karmic and/or past life wounds they may not be consciously aware exist Connecting with their spiritual "support team" on the other side of the physical veil Clearing and protecting the energy in and around their home, work environment, or specific physical location These are some of the most common requests for MDG sessions. However, they are NOT an exclusive list of the types of requests for information and/or guidance that can be addressed in or facilitated by a MDG session! The MOST important part of preparing for a MDG session is taking the time to write out your request/s for guidance. Get clarity around what you want to ask. You want to do this now, before you begin the purchasing process! You may start writing out your requests and realize that you need to address more or less requests than you first thought. You will have to enter these requests on your intake form before you can finalize the purchase of your session. Write them out beforehand and they'll be ready when you need them. Every 2-Request MDG Session includes: 20 minutes of intuitive energetic work with your Higher Self A 40-minute (approx.) downloadable MP4 recording of the intuitive information received during your session

Cancellation Policy

Clients may cancel their session and request a full refund from the time they book their session until 24 HOURS BEFORE their scheduled appointment. Clients must EMAIL a cancellation notice and refund request to at least 24 HOURS BEFORE their scheduled session time to receive a FULL REFUND. NO REFUNDS for services booked will be issued under any other conditions.

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