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Quantum Biofield Sessions

Are you ready to experience a Quantum Biofield Session?

Don't worry about trying to remember every detail in the process! We'll walk you through it when you purchase a session. After your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email confirmation message with details about your session.

Step 1

Read through the available session options and decided what is best for you at this time. 

Waking Spirit offers Quantum Biofield Sessions that address one to four therapeutic goals. 

Here's an easy analogy for explaining what the different goals, or session options, are designed to accomplish. When someone's biofield and chakra systems are full of unwanted energetic residue, attachments, or blockages, then different layers and chakra systems cannot remain aligned or attuned. It's as if the different instrumental sections in an orchestra are playing the same song in different keys and with different rhythms.


In this analogy, a clearing goal clears away all the song variations and gives the musicians the same piece of music to play together. Alignment goals focus on working with the different instrumental sections to ensure they are rhythmically in-synch with their section and the orchestra as a whole. Attunement goals provide the musical key for the piece of music the orchestra plays. They also zoom in on each instrumental section (layer of the biofield and chakra systems) to ensure the section is "in-tune" with each other, so they can then be in-tune as a whole.  

Available Session Goals

  • Clearing

Clearing goals are a great way to clear any unwanted energetic residue, attachments, or blockages from your biofield and chakra systems. If you are new to this type of spiritual practice and want to try a one-goal session, Clearing is the place to start! A biofield clearing should always be done before, or in combination with, an alignment, attunement, or healing intent session. 

Regular biofield clearing is a beneficial practice for everyone to include in their self-care routine. It is especially important for people in service-oriented profession who often need a rapid release/detox from the energetic residue left from working with a high volume of clients in crisis-level situations. 

  • Alignment

Alignment goals are ideal for folks who want an energetic "tune-up." Alignment during a sessions aligns all layers of the biofield, including various sets of chakras, so that your energetic systems are harmonized and working together as effectively as possible. 

  • Attunement

Attunement goals are perfect for folks who practice regular clearing and alignment of their biofield and chakras, but may be experiencing challenges adjusting to higher vibrational frequencies or expanding energy fields. The goal of attunement in a session is to assist the client with processing, adjusting, and attuning to various frequencies and vibrations.  

  • Healing Intent

A healing intent goal may be layered into any session with two or more goal Every session is facilitated with the intention of healing and restoration for the client! This specific goal is for occasions when a client has an area of concern they want the practitioner to focus on for a significant portion of time.  

Session Options and Pricing

Every session includes: 

  • The practitioner facilitating the healing intent for your goal or goals

  • A downloadable, MP4 recording describing the energetic work done and intuitive information received during your session 

Service rates, the amount of time spent facilitating your session, and the length of your MP4 recording are based on the number of goals you want to address.

One Goal - $33.00 USD

Goal Options: 

  • Clearing

  • Alignment

  • Attunement

Session Time:​ 15 minutes

Length of MP4 Recording: 10 minutes (approx.)

Two Goals - $55.00 USD

Layered Goal Options:

  • Clearing + Alignment

  • Clearing + Healing Intent

  • Healing Intent + Attunement

  • Alignment + Attunement 

Session Time:​ 30 minutes

Length of MP4 Recording: 15 minutes (approx.)

Three Goals - $77.00 USD

Options for Layering Session Goals

  • Clearing + Healing Intent + Alignment

  • Clearing + Alignment + Attunement

Session Time:​ 45 minutes

Length of MP4 Recording: 20 minutes (approx.)

Four Goals - $99.00 USD

This option layers all four goals into one Quantum Biofield session. 

  • Clearing + Healing Intent + Alignment + Attunement

Session Time:​ 1 hour

Length of MP4 Recording: 25 minutes (approx.)

Step 2

If you're already familiar with Waking Spirit's booking process, skip to Step 4. If you are a first-time client, read through the following guide for what to expect as you purchase your session: 


  1. You will click the "Book Your Session" button in Step 3 and land on the page where you choose a One, Two, Three, or Four Goal Session.

  2. After you choose the number of goals you want to cover, you will need to pick an appointment date and time. You DO NOT need to be available during the appointment slot you choose! This appointment reserves time on a specific day for a practitioner to facilitate your session. Again, you will NOT be physically or virtually present when your session is taking place. 

  3. Once you select a day and time, you will move to the Client Intake Form. The email address that you enter on this form is the email account used to send you a confirmation message, details about your session and your downloadable MP4 recording. 

  4. You will then be prompted to pay for your session.

  5. After you complete your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from Waking Spirit. 

  6. You must email a recent photo of yourself clearly showing your eyes to at least 24 Hours before your session is scheduled to be facilitated. 

  7. Once your email containing a clear photo of your face is received, you will receive a second email confirming the timeframe when your session will be completed and you can expect to receive your downloadable MP4 recording. Typically, clients receive the final email within 24-48 hours after their scheduled session. 

  8. The email you receive after your session will include instructions for how to listen to the guidance and receive the energetic work facilitated for you. 

Step 3

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