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Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions are available to everyone, regardless of your geographic location. Sessions are done remotely and include a downloadable, digital recording of the intuitive energetic healing and guidance received for you. 


You may be wondering:


What is a distance intuitive healing session?


How is this type of energy work possible or effective?

What types of energetic/spiritual healing and guidance can distance intuitive sessions include?

Distance Intuitive Healing 

What is a distance intuitive healing session?

From an academic perspective, this service should probably be called distance, intuitive, bio-field focused, therapeutic healing intent sessions.  On a practical level, the title is long enough as it is! Regardless of what we call it, an explanation of the service, and the potential it holds, is needed. 


The practitioner is in a different place from the client at the time the session is facilitated. The physical distance between the client and practitioner can be as little as being in different rooms or as large as on the other side of the globe. 


The practitioner enters a meditative state, connects with their own Higher Self, then the client's Higher Self, and observes/gathers intuitive information to convey to the client. 

Bio-Field Focused

The term "bio-field," as defined by The National Institute of Health's Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, is used to describe the theory that the physical, biological mechanics of human bodies are interdependent with an invisible, energy field around each individual. These sessions are focused on working with clients' bio-fields.

Therapeutic Healing Intent

The "healing" portion of distance intuitive healing sessions references the primary intention of the client and practitioner.  The client expresses their energetic needs and healing goals to the practitioner, before the session is facilitated. The practitioner sets the intention of the session to repair, revitalize, and clear blockages from the bio-field (and internal spirit) of the client. The client sets their intention to receive the spiritual service facilitated for them by the practitioner. 

How is this type of therapeutic healing intent work possible?

Let's start with the individual biofield which, before it was given a socially palatable medical name, was often called a person's "aura." The biofield, or aura, may look a bit like this:


Pay close attention to the slightly lighter point of light at the top of the head. This point is frequently called the "Crown Chakra." This is the place our individual biofields interact with both the collective field of human consciousness and what has been called Source/Divine Consciousness/The Infinite Creator/God/The All that Is.

Imagine the Divine Consciousness looking a bit like this:




When a practitioner connects to this Divine Consciousness through their own Crown Chakra, they can connect with the client's Crown Chakra, regardless of the physical distance between the two individuals. This is possible because the dimension/frequency that the Divine Consciousness exists within is not subject to the natural laws (like time, distance, gravity) of our 3rd/4th dimensional reality. 

If you're curious about this concept, or want a reputable beginning point for your own research and discovery process, set aside time to watch this two-part interview of Stephan A. Schwartz that Jeffery Mishlove conducted in August of 2017. Over the course of the interview, Schwartz explains the scientific studies that caused him to re-visit the term "subtle energies" he introduced decades ago and shift to the language of "healing intent."

Part One: 

Part Two:

What types of energetic/spiritual healing and guidance can distance intuitive sessions include?

Each distance intuitive session carries a unique potential, because sessions are guided by the client's written request/s (conscious awareness of needs and goals) and higher Self (unconscious, or subconscious connection to the Divine, or "Imaginal Realm").  The types of spiritual healing and guidance you can receive through these sessions are truly limitless. Nevertheless, the idea of limitless options is quite overwhelming. And, our conscious (human) minds often need a bit of structure 

Before purchasing a session, you will choose between 1-4 requests for guidance and/or healing goals. You may choose to focus on healing from a traumatic experience and request guidance from your higher Self about ways to move forward. You may feel "stuck" in a certain area of your life or want to fine tune your understanding of who you are and why your soul chose to incarnate at this specific time. You could have a desire to experience forms of karmic release or resolve energetic cords/connections with relationships. Or, you may be in a place where you are ready to open yourself to new relationships, members of your soul family, or a romantic partner.  All of these are examples of healing goals and requests for guidance from your higher Self that can be made by your conscious awareness. 

Explore more options for guidance requests and healing goals, or purchase a distance intuitive session here: 


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