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Spiritual Cartography: The Art of Soul Mapping

The process of creating a “soul map” is not an idea original to Waking Spirit. Many mental, spiritual, and holistic health providers utilize different soul mapping techniques, all intended to assist individuals with the perpetual human quest to “Know Thy Self.”

A Soul Map is created by working through a structured system or process, often with support from a guide/s, to gain a better understanding of our individual personality qualities, behavior patterns, gifts and growing edges, learning experiences, and life-purpose/s.

Those who practice the art of making geographical maps are called cartographers. Professional cartographers are trained to collect information about the physical topography, or landscape, of various areas and then compile the information into maps or mapping systems that are understandable and useful.

Some maps or mapping systems are created for general populations and are easily understood. Other maps or mapping systems are created for specific groups, like civil engineers or pilots. They require specialized training and experience to understand. 

Just as there are many kinds of maps and mapping systems for the physical world we see with our eyes, there are lots of maps and mapping systems for the unseen, spiritual world. This is also true for the visible human body and invisible human soul.

Spiritual Cartography and Soul Mapping

Spiritual Cartography

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